Specialize in individualized tutoring and preschool
instruction based on
your child's needs.

Angie Abeler : 480-220-8182,  Nan Sylvester: 480-694-3775


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Traditional Tutoring & Enrichment


Traditional/Tutoring & Enrichment

is a tutoring and preschool center offering skills and
strategies to your child to help them in areas to succeed. We also offer enrichment classes to further excel and challenge your child to set higher standards and expectations for themselves. We have such classes as Ooey Gooey Science Experiments, Math Fact Club, Literature Studies, New to Spalding, Writer's Workshop, and private tutoring.  At TT & E, we feel that our maximum 4 students per class will give your child more one-on-one time with each teacher.

Parents, let us help in the areas that we are trained and certified in.



         Angie Abeler is an Arizona certified teacher.  She received her Master's Degree in Teaching.  She, also, has endorsements in Early Childhood, Structured English Immersion K-12, and has obtained a Reading Specialist Endorsement K-12.   She has taught elementary education for 7 years, plus 2 years in preschool. She has focused her years on the primary grades (Preschool-3rd grades). Angie has, also, privately tutored for 10+ years. She is a dedicated teacher that has seen great success and improved confidence in children benefiting from small group and private tutoring lessons.





      Nan Sylvester
is an Arizona certified teacher that has taught the K-6 curriculum for 10 years. She has her early childhood endorsement and is a veteran teacher that raises the bar and sets a higher standard for children to meet and exceed their goals. She has taught in both traditional and regular education classroom settings. Nan, as well as, Angie, has privately tutored 10+ years also.  She is committed to individualizing her lessons based on each child's needs.


Both teachers pride themselves on having some of the TOP AIMS SCORES in the state of Arizona and in the Gilbert Unified School District.

All teacher's at TT & E share the same philosophy. They are all trained in Spalding, 6
Traits Writing, and will help your child fall in love with learning. 

 Summer Learning & Fun 

Classes from June 3rd thru July 25. 

Bridge Classes
- Grade level classes reviewing skills previously taught and moving on to new skills for the new school year. (Don't worry kids, we'll have fun!)

**Class rate based on 2 or more students otherwise private tutoring rate applies.

Classes on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Cost $480.00 for 16 classes

1st bridge 8:30-10:00 Monday & Wednesday

3rd bridge 8:30-10:00 Tuesday & Thursday

2nd bridge 10:30-12:00 Monday & Wednesday

5th bridge 10:30-12:00 Tuesday & Thursday

4th bridge 12:30-2:00 Monday & Wednesday

Literature Studies - Age appropriate stories and novels read together and at home. Literary elements, comprehension skills, and writing will be the focus. Projects will accompany each book. Maybe you'll be ready to AR test in August!

Classes Monday or Wednesdays

Cost $240.00 for 8 classes

Literature Studies 1st-3rd 2:30-4:00 Wednesdays

Literature Studies 4th-6th 2:30-4:00 Mondays

Writer's Workshop - All 6 traits of writing will be taught and reviewed. Learn how to enhance your writing with new writing tricks to amaze next year's teacher. Work on several different forms of writing to prepare for the AIMS testing.

Classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Cost $240.00 for 8 sessions

Writer's Workshop 2nd -3rd 12:30-2:00 Tuesday

Writer's Workshop 4th-6th 12:30-2:00 Thursdays

Math Facts Club - Are you tired of those timed tests? We are too! We will play games and learn different ways of memorizing those facts.

Call for days and times

Cost $200.00 for 8 one hour sessions

New to Spalding - Spalding is a reading, writing, and spelling program used by many traditional schools. Learn during the summer so you'll be ready to go in August.

 Cost $40.00 one hour session
 Group rate available  $30.00 

Call for days and times

Kids in the Kitchen - We had such a successful class last summer that we thought we'd do it again. Learn how to read recipes, follow directions, learn basic cooking and baking terms, basics of nutrition, meal planning, etiquette, and of course ..... COOKING! The best part of all ... you get to take home what you've made! 

**Minimum 2 kids per class to start
Kids in the Kitchen K-2nd 9:00-11:00 Wednesdays
Kids in the Kitchen 3rd-6th 1:00-3:00 Wednesdays

Cost $100 for 4 classes (includes all supplies and materials)

Or $30.00 a class (if you can't make all classes, come join us for one)

        (Price includes all supplies and materials)

Private and Small Group Tutoring - As always, we will be offering private and small group tutoring. We individualize lessons to target your child's area(s) of concern.

Classes to be scheduled with your instructor

Cost $40.00 per one hour session

Or $30.00 each for small group (4 or less children studying the same skills.)

New to Spalding: Are you starting your child at a new traditional school in August? Or is your child struggling with their phonograms and the connection to spelling, reading, and writing?  Well, this class if for your child. Spalding is a reading, writing, and spelling program used in many traditional schools. Get off to a great start this school year!

Call for class times

Third Grade Thursdays - Is your child struggling with writing their paragraphs on Thursdays. We are here to help. This class is available to help your child construct a solid paragraph. We will help turn their paragraphs into beautiful writing pieces.

Call for class times

Reading Skills - This class is available to those students that need to improve their fluency, comprehension, and expression in reading. We will be focusing on main idea, characters, plot, predicting, and many other essential skills to help build a confident reader. Your child will learn the love of reading!

Call for class times

Building writing skills with 6 Traits Writing - This class will help teach your child to construct a paragraph. They will understand how to create exciting topic sentences, supporting detail sentences, and a solid closing sentence.

Call for class times

Private Tutoring - Maybe your child works best one-on-one. Private tutoring is beneficial in many ways, providing instruction and extra practice in weak areas, tips on reading strategies or comprehension, or your child needs to be challenged. This class is individualized to your child's needs.

Times set up individually with each student and instructor

Small Group Tutoring - We also offer small group sessions for students that are struggling in the same areas. Working with others may help build confidence, challenge them to excel further and/or having peer influence to grasp new skills being taught.

To be determined by demand

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 Basic Beginnings Preschool

Basic Beginnings Preschool - This will be a wonderful opportunity for your little one to understand all the expectations of school. This class will be for children 4-5 years of age. We will be integrating academic skills with theme based units, incorporating a phonics based program (Spalding), combining fun activities into their learning, using a hands-on math approach, developing handwriting and fine motor skills, expanding social skills, and addressing all styles of learning. What a great way to get excited about school!

Morning and afternoon classes available

2 hour sessions two days a week
Tuesday and Thursday classes
9:30-11 :30am & 1 :00-3:00pm
$160/8 sessions a month


Private Tutoring  



Small Group 

   4 or less students working on the same skills

   $30.00/hr/per student    

Family Group

   Teaching the same material, same time, and same grade (Ex: Twins)

   $30.00/hr/per student


 Family/Multiple Day Discount

We appreciate the opportunity to teach your children. We know that having more than one child in tutoring can get costly. So, we are offering a discount to families with more that one child to help ease the financial burden. We, also, offer multiple days per week discount.

Check out our discounts below.


   Family Discount   1st child    $40.00/hr.       
   Family Discount   2nd child   $38.00/hr.  
   Family Discount   3rd child    $36.00/hr.

   Multi-day Discount:
     5% off on each additional child     
     5% off 2nd tutoring session for same child being tutored more than once a week.

Sibling Group

   Teaching different material, different grade, and at the same time.

   $35.00/hr/1st child

   $30.00/hr/2nd child

   $25.00/hr/3rd child


Writing Literacy Workshop     
  $30.00/hr/per student

Basic Beginnings Preschool (2 hour sessions)

   2 sessions per week for 8 sessions (1 month)

   $160.00 per student per month

Homework Club

   $30.00/hr/per student

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We are conveniently located in Gilbert and Scottsdale, Arizona.  In Gilbert, we are near Greenfield and Warner roads and in Scottsdale, we are tutoring at the Palimano Library. 

Please call for our address and specific directions to our centers.



We offer a variety of assessments for your child to obtain a full understanding of the areas that he/she is struggling in. We offer reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and math. If you feel you are interested in an assessment, please let us know. There is a one time fee of $50.00. You will receive a full report from the assessment to guide you at home, as well as, the classroom.



Mrs. Abeler and Mrs. Sylvester are excellent at providing individualized instruction which truly helps build self confidence and skills by working with a child on their areas of need. They do this by using the child's already developed academic strengths to foster their areas of need.

Christine Burke

My husband and I moved our son to a traditional school 2 years ago in hopes to better
further his education. It was a struggle for him due to the high standards in of academics they placed on the students there. I first enrolled him in a learning center in hopes to get him caught up in reading and writing. Not only did he hate going, but he got very little out of it after 8 months of attending. That summer I met with Nan Sylvester and started tutoring with her. Boy, what a difference 3 months made. I was so pleased with the improvement that we continued throughout the school year seeing Nan once a week and also enrolled in her summer program. Our son went from reading Dick Jane books to chapter books that following year. He started at the school getting B's and C's to all A's this year. I've watched my son's confidence level go from "Gee I'm really stupid," to "I'm so smart, I can make academic night this year." Not only have I had the privileges to work with Nan, but our son started in August with Angie Abeler. Angie has helped make all of those fundamentals that Nan taught him in the past stronger and better. I can't say enough about Nan and Angie's tutoring skills. Not only has it made a huge difference with our son's education, but when your child honestly loves two educators the way he does, it's hard to stop going.

Thank you,

Sandy James

TT&E  (Traditional Tutoring & Enrichment)

Angie Abeler :  480-220-8182

Nan Sylvester:  480-694-3775

email:  traditionaltutoringaz@yahoo.com

Or fill out the following form and we will get back to you shortly.

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